Sunday, July 8, 2012


Some people envy you not because of just ‘nothing’, there should always be that reason why they are so envious of you – well, maybe because of what you have, maybe because of what you are or let’s just say, maybe they’re just jealous of you because they fear of  what and who you can become. Would you agree?
Well, I guess that’s what life is – some people would hate you because of a particular basis, so whatever. But for some reason, I myself do kind of ‘annoyed’ with people who have such a pitiful habit because why can’t you just get rid of other people’s lives and get a life of you own, right? Pft.
July 4, 2012, Wednesday – I don’t wanna care right now. I think that would be the best fitted title for this post and just for everyone’s information, this is a song sung by Lupe Fiasco from his ‘LASER’ album. The song actually tells something about a world full of hate and jealousy which if I were to really internalize about it, it one way or another enlightens us to be as people who stay within our sphere as humans or persons through not hurting other people.
Anyway, what I wore for another wash day is a combination of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘monochrome’. The long sleeve shirt is a DIY of my own and painted it just a day before Wednesday (Tuesday night, obviously).
While DYI-ing the shirt, I was inspired to do the graffiti painting painted on every wall of The Bronx, New York plus the concept of ‘free-painting’. As you can see here, there are hands-shaped painted on the shirt which obviously, I used my two bare hands (and friends’) to color the shirt. At first, I was hesitant to paint the shirt because I’m not really a good painter (but I do draw, though) but as far as my artistic part was concerned at that time (HAHAHAHA LOL), I regained my nerves to paint it and guess what the outcome was? VOILA! People I know liked it. Yes, they really do. And I am not assuming because they really appreciate what I did to the shirt and would you believe that others did think that I bought it from a well-known boutique? LOL.

Back to the title (I don’t wanna care right now), the hands-shape painted on the shirt somehow symbolizes JEALOUSY. Jealous not because of what I have but because of who I am and can’t find any reason why people should always do such a thing for there is no enough basis why they should because as far as know I don’t have any position in the Student Government nor position from any academic club in school, and if it about attitude issue, OMG, blame the government of the Philippines, LOL, so why do so, PEOPLE???? Why? Haha, but anyway, I never get tired of those criticisms that you’re doing because I am taking it as constructive criticisms and wanna know why I am enjoying your hobbies which are off against me? I get to be famous and I love being noticed. LOL.

Hands-off Shirt – DIY
Skinny Jeans – Korean Brand 22000 Korean won (750Php)
Sneakers – PONY 2200Php
Faux Leather Bag – PENSHOPPE 1190Php
Cap – Batman Gotham City (borrowed from a friend)