Thursday, June 21, 2012


Fashion isn’t just for women, it is as well for men. It knows no gender and created for all of us humans, so by such it has no limitation. It is a kind of art that you express your mood/emotion  through clothes and that with it, it shouldn’t be stopped because I personally believe that everyone deserves to have FASHION.
Well, as what I have mentioned above Fashion knows no gender and for me, it does’t support anyone - whether if you are rich or not, just as long that there is what you call STYLE in you and if you believe you DO, go flaunt it.
SOOOOO... basically, what I am pointing out here is that  there should ALWAYS BE EQUALITY IN FASHION.
So anyway, MEN that are of style truly captivate/interest me by means of their belief of equality and that EQUALITY is each and everyone’s right. In fact, some men dressed up themselves with UNISEX clothes (clothes that are obviously be worn both of the 2 human sexes, and yes, big emphasis on the word UNISEX because actually, it is a brand/boutique here in the Philippines located in Manila, go try to visit their FB page here. It is owned by JP SINGSON haha. So if you were to go to Manila someday, go try to visit the place), and I know for sure that they don’t give a single word to people discriminating their way of dressing themselves (because personally I experience that a lot of times).
Well, it’s a kind of a tradition/notion though that if men wear this and that are of women’s pieces, people would usually think and say that they are GAY. So, what 's that supposed to mean? I mean it really is somewhat hurting, but whatever. Ugh, I know, I know. it seems like people were born in the ages of the dinosaurs to just think that kind of way, and  that they don’t know about such a word called FASHION. Haha
So okay enough with the Blah Blah’s, here’s a random list and the links of their websites of SOME of the Men that I adore/my favorites in both Fashion/Photography.
Adam Gallagher from Riverside, Ca - LB , WEBSITE
Eros Buzza from Munich - LB , Website
Gerard Perez from Manila - LB , Website
Jakob Andersson from Sweden - LB , Website
Paul Jatayna from Manila - LB , Website
Karl Leuterio from Manila - LB , Website
Seph Cham from Manila - LB , Website
David Guison from Manila -LB , Website
Dennis Robles from the Philippines - LB
Christian Reasonda from Manila - LB
and forgive me but I should as well post mine as. HAHA
Monsieur Tri from Bacolod - LB , Website
be my fan on LB and Hype my looks. HAHA
What I am wearing here:
Accesories from SM Accesories (120Php)
Shoes from CarBoy (1200Php)
Full Length Pants from Giordano (800Php)

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